Disney Princess Sucker Punch

What do you get when you mix Zack Snyder’s horriblyhorriblysexist movie Sucker Punch with the horribly sexist Disney princesses from a half dozen animated movies? Well, intentional or not, you get a riveting story of female liberation!

This amazing trailer mash-up by Breanne Brennan works on several levels. First it serves as a stunning indictment of Sucker Punch by demonstrating just how perfectly the action flick plot matched up with cliché Disney cartoons. On a more subversive level the remix appropriates audio from Snyder’s misogynist film and re-frames the narrative to give us a new story in which Disney princesses liberate themselves from their own sexist movie representations. Breanne’s creative re-editing and juxtapositions manage to actually create the empowering message Sucker Punch so utterly failed to deliver on any level.

For another remixed subversion of the Disney princess theme check out pinkwhig’s Disney/Mean Girls mashup on YouTube.

Versión en castellano del estupendo montaje realizado por Breanne Brennan mezclando el audio del tráiler de Sucker Punch con películas de Disney.

(Source: politicalremix)