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If you ever question if feminism is important, have a conversation with the young girls in your life.

Being the mother of a young girl is a constant reminder to me on why feminism and representation is so so so important.

And WHY we aren’t there.

Sometimes I kind of feel sorry for misogynists who try to troll me. Because, Firstly, I talk down to them so hard they must feel like naughty toddlers, but the minute one of them tries to sexually harass me, I report them so hard it’s not funny.

I was my stepfathers punching bag for years. Fuck all of you, I have no time for boy tantrums over spilt fucking milk.

Hello Tumblr I would like you to share something with me. My GGC craftivist panel asks people how their body image has been shaped or affected by media and/or popular culture. So, how has YOURS has been shaped in either a positive, negative, or neutral way

You can anonymously leave yours in my ask if you like. Submissions may be used in a slideshow throughout my panel, and even in the zine to create a collective narrative.

Examples: (mine)

From a young age I was always drawn to stories with characters who dieted or had an eating disorder. I swallowed their stories like comfort food.

My relationship with female action hero’s is complicated. I find them empowering, but their bodies trigger me.

Considering how feminist Joss Whedon is,  I rarely see female characters who sit outside of the acceptable hollywood realm, and this disappoints me.

Tinkerbell measuring her hips in peter pan impacted me greatly.

I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help but feel incredibly pissed off.

Some racist fuckwit is getting a reward for murdering an african american kid worth hundreds of thousands of dollars through gofundme, and I am struggling to raise the funds for my PhD.

Are you fucking kidding me???

I know this isn’t about me, but I still feel fucking pissed off. On SO MANY levels.