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Set me Free Starring the Women of Mad Men - by Anita Sarkeesian.

Political Remix Video’s Elisa Kreisinger teamed up with Marc Faletti to create a music based remix starring the women of the highly acclaimed TV series Mad Men.  Kreisinger and Faletti took the 1966 Motown hit, “You Keep Me Hanging On” and overlaid it with short clips of Peggy, Joan, Betty and other female characters from the show so they could along with the Supremes.

The remixers have replaced the musical versus with a collection of scenes throughout Mad Men’s first four seasons to illustrate the struggles women face on the show and the small ways they try to resist their subordination within this male dominated world.  Visually, the remix moves and flows along with the music, in and out of multiple splitscreens illustrating women in various work, personal and domestic scenarios. Kreisinger said of the choice to use splitscreens:

“By framing the female characters from Mad Men in a series of boxes, we wanted to illustrate how the show, and by extension, society, isolates and marginalizes womens’ voices within pop culture narratives.”

Mad Men is a show about wealthy, white, straight men set in the 1960s world of advertising.  Women’s roles on the show have become increasingly more relevant to the main story arc but ultimately Mad Men still revolves around its male anti-heroes.  Set Me Free rewrites the male focused Mad Men universe and brings the stories and struggles of women to the forefront.


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